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Soap Bars – Four Pack – ‘Not Quite Right’


Soap Bars – Four Pack – ‘Not Quite Right’

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Get a great bargain with our ‘not-quite-right’, but useful soap pack.

These soaps are handmade with a range of luxury oils and scents, but just like handmade items, this time they just didn’t quite meet our expectations, so we are selling them cheap.

Our ‘not-quite-right’ soap is the soap we make where we may have not got the colour right, or we cut it a little wonky or we made them as a test or sample soap or they just didn’t turned out quite how we expected and up to our usual standard and so that means it’s goes in our ‘not-quite-right’ seconds sale.

The soaps you receive will be either from our collection and/or a sample or test soap we were trialling. They will have different ingredients and scents (some may be unscented) and generally come unlabelled.

If you prefer a certain soap please add to order comments and we will add to the pack where available.

Image: Is an example of soaps we make.

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Dimensions 4 × 10 × 10 cm
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