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Ritual Cleanse – Aboriginal Bath Hamper


Our Mwerre, Ritual Cleanse – Aboriginal Bath Hamper provides a beautiful gift that promotes relaxation, cleansing and smooth skin.

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This Ritual Cleanse – Aboriginal Bath Hamper is great for people who love to shower or bathe. This soap and bath hamper supports the ritual of bathing and helps the body to relax, keeps it cleansed and in good condition.
The hamper includes:
– Four Mwerre – Clay & Ochre range soaps of Urrperle (Charcoal), Urlpe (Red Ochre), Atywelke (White) and Uterne (Yellow).
– One Loofah Washcloth (machine washable) – provides a light exfoliation
– One jute round face brush – get for face and delicate ares of the body requiring a light exfoliation
– One hemp hand woven ‘soap-saver’ pouch – to hang your Mwerre handmade soap in to keep it dry.
– A white tin caddy for holding bath gels, bath brushes, flannels etc
Mwerre Soaps
These cold-process soaps are made from scratch using a traditional soap-manufacturing method and is suitable for vegans.
Soap-saver Pouch

Handmade soap needs to stay dry in between uses to extend its life. A soap saver helps extends the life of your artisan soap bar. It is also a great way to store soap in use. Soap savers also help to exfoliate the skin, as the natural fibres create a natural exfoliator. Our Hemp bags are sustainable, eco-friendly, non-toxic and safe to use on the body. When it has finished it’s useful life, you can put it in your compost to breakdown!

Jute Face/Body Brush

This small-sized, natural fibre, jute face brush with wooden handle helps to naturally exfoliate the skin leaving it smooth and glowing. This brush is smaller in size and gentle enough for dry brushing the face. It has a handle and cotton cord for convenience and to hang to dry. This brush can also be used on the body, and is great for more sensitive skin types. It is biodegradable, environmentally friendly and 100% natural and can be composted.

Loofah Washcloth
This is a 100% cotton and Loofah plant washcloth. It is vegan certified, elastin free, unbleached and biodegradable and machine washable. These washcloths provide a light exfoliation and deep clean. Soap can be lights added to the surface of the cloth and the cloth used to wash the skin, saving soap from being run under water while showering or bathing.

White Tin Caddy

This tin caddy with natural rope handles provides a great toiletry holder in the bathroom for a range of bottles or other items such as washers or soap. If it doesn’t suit you bathroom, it may also have a key place as a ‘hold-all’ in your laundry or kitchen.

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Weight 1.0 kg
Dimensions 35 × 20 × 25 cm


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