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Smooth Jade Face Roller


This small green jade face roller helps to cool the skin, reduce puffiness, improve circulation and helps the skin better absorb facial products.

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Jade rolling is an ancient Chinese beauty ritual said to have been used during the Qing dynasty era.

This small sized, Smooth Jade Face Roller has green jade stone with a brass coloured metal architecture. It is a perfect portable size for face rolling.

A jade roller is a beauty tool that has been used for centuries. It uses a ‘cool-to-touch’ gemstone for facial massage.

A jade roller may benefit the skin and help with:

  • lymphatic drainage
  • tighter-looking skin
  • puffiness
  • improving circulation
  • better product absorption

Massaging the face and neck pushes fluid and toxins into the lymphatic channels and stimulates the lymph to drain fluids away, resulting in a less puffy, firmer appearance.

Facial rolling simulates massage and that stimulates blood circulation, which can make your skin appear brighter, firmer, and healthier.

Rolling the face after applying a face product can help push product into the skin while improving circulation, helping the product to better absorb into the skin and be more effective.

Beyond the physical benefits that come with using a face roller are the spiritually healing benefits of  gemstones and crystals. Jade is traditionally associated with healing and grounding. It’s considered a lucky stone.

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